The 6 People That Destroy You
This is about the six people that have negatively affected me and made a big impact in my life. Each one if about a different person. 


I keep trying to use other boys to fill this hole in my chest you left me with but it’s like I can’t because they aren’t you and everytime they say they have feelings for me I want to cry and scream because it’s not fucking you and you should be here.


"It wasn’t until I was sitting on the floor of my shower
hyperventilating your name into my hands
when I realized that you were the air I struggled to breathe
and I wasn’t even the dirt under your fucking finger nails”
Journal entry 10/16/14

12661) I used to be so funny, always joking around. I swear, I was full of life. And now, what? I’ve lost my smile. I just can’t, all I can think about is calories. Calories. Weight loss. Calories. Fat legs. Calories.